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CytoTune™is a trademark of ID PharmaCo., Ltd.

CytoTuneTM-iPS is a kit that takes full advantage of the strengths of Sendai virus vector to generate iPS cells.

Composed of Sendai virus vectors carrying Yamanaka’s four reprogramming factor genes, the kit allows efficient generation of iPS cells. The vectors/reprogramming factor genes disappear as the generated iPS cells are serially passaged subsequently.

This product contains living modified organisms (LMO) subject to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety to the Convention on Biological Diversity and shall be handled as such according to applicable local and/or institutional regulations and guidelines.

The purchase of this product conveys a limited license to the purchaser that permits the purchaser to use the product for only non-profit research purposes and only within the confines of the facility where the purchase belongs. Use of this product for any commercial purposes requires a separate license contract.

For purchasing and other inquiries about CytoTuneTM-iPS, please contact us at cytotune@dnavec-corp.com.

Launching a New Kit for iPS cell Generation to the Market Outside of Japan