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Business Partnership

Business Partnership

Business Partnership

Listed below are only a few examples of partnership we have established with businesses worldwide:

Medical & Biological Laboratories Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Collaborating on development, manufacture and sale of Sendai virus vector technology-based products such as research kits and custom-made monoclonal antibodies.
Beijing Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (PRC)
Licensed out development, manufacture, and sale of gene therapeutic medicine for Critical Limb Ischemia.
International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (USA)
Jointly developing AIDS vaccines.

Academic Collaborations

We are collaborating with numerous academic institutions worldwide including;

Kyushu University (Japan)
Research collaboration on gene therapies in Ophthalmology, Cancer and Angiogenesis.
Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo (IMSUT) (Japan)
Jointly developing AIDS vaccines.
Chiba University (Japan)
Jointly developing gene therapeutic medicine for Cancer.
Beijing University of Technology (PRC)
Research collaboration on preclinical studies of AIDS vaccines based on the Sendai virus vector technology.