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IDP’s Business Profile

ID Pharma utilizes its own vector platforms such as Sendai virus vector in its business development, resulting in merits that are not readily available to other bio-companies.

Merit 1: Sustainable Expansibility

Vectors can carry various therapeutic genes corresponding to various diseases, producing multitude of gene therapeutic medicine. Vectors can also produce numerous different proteins in animal cells. In the post-genome era, etiology of many diseases is being identified at gene level, and the number of such disease-related genes is expected to increase rapidly. ID Pharma will be able to create numerous business opportunities by applying the new genetic information to its vector technologies.

Merit 2: Diversity

Vectors are in principle tools for efficient introduction of genes into cells and production of useful proteins in the cells. Therefore, ID Pharma can apply its vectors to diverse bio-businesses other than gene therapeutic medicine. That translates to that ID Pharma has advantages in various important areas of bio-business because of the excellent features of its own vectors. The areas will continue to expand in time and the expansion will in turn increase ID Pharma ’s chances to succeed in business and also ensure steady business activities. At the moment, ID Pharma is engaged in bio-businesses as depicted below:

Vector technologies (Platform technologies)
  • Gene Therapy

    Disease-related genes will be placed on ID Pharma ’s vectors and will be used to treat these diseases. ID Pharma ’s novel vectors are capable of highly efficient transfer of such genes into cells as well as high-level expression of therapeutic proteins from these genes. Thus these features may significantly elevate the efficacy of gene therapy and prove potential effectiveness against diseases that are currently considered intractable. Special attention has been paid to ensure safety of these vectors. A clinical study is already under way.

    Target disorders: Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Musculoskeltal, and Ophthalmologic diseases; Cancer.

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  • Gene Vaccine

    Vectors carrying antigen genes will be administered to enhance immunity against diseases. Such vaccines are being developed for infectious and chronic diseases that are difficult to prevent or treat. Intranasal vaccines that take advantage of the characteristics of Sendai virus vector are under development.

    Target disorders: Infectious diseases such as AIDS and Tuberculosis; Cancer; Alzheimer’s Disease.

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  • Therapeutic Antibody

    Sendai virus vector in combination with ID Pharma ’s newly developed, proprietary immunization method enables efficient production of monoclonal antibodies to difficult targets such as membrane proteins using only the genetic information of the targets. Many of monoclonal antibodies produced by this method recognize the native structure of the antigens and thus are suitable for further development as therapeutic antibodies

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  • Protein Production

    The proteins expressed from Sendai virus vector are being developed as reagents for research as well as diagnostics and therapeutics.

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  • Gene Function Analysis

    Expression of novel genes in cells and animals using Sendai virus vector allows functional analyses of these genes, which may lead to discoveries of new therapeutic genes.

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