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Gene Vaccine

Gene vaccines do not use pathogens as a whole, but utilize only portions of them. Their excellent safety and efficacy is attracting attention not only to gene vaccines against infectious diseases such as AIDS, SARS, Influenza, and Avian Influenza, any of which could become a global threat to human health, but also to those vaccines against cancer and chronic diseases.

ID Pharma ’s Sendai virus vector has the following advantages as the basis for gene vaccine development.

  • Sendai virus vector expresses antigen genes to a high level at the site of administration, and thus efficiently induces immune reactions.
  • Gene vaccines based on Sendai virus vector are “RNA vaccines” and therefore fundamentally different from other gene vaccines, for example, DNA vaccines. Genetic toxicity must be avoided in vaccines against infectious diseases because they may be prophylactically given to a large number of people. Sendai virus vector along with the new concept “RNA vaccine” is attracting interest because it can completely eliminate genetic toxicity, which DNA vaccines cannot avoid. ID Pharma is currently developing the following vaccines based on the Sendai virus vector system.

Below are the targets of gene vaccines currently developed by ID Pharma .

Infectious diseases

  • AIDS
  • Tuberculosis(TB)
  • Influenza(Flu)
  • Malaria

Chronic diseases