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Therapeutic Antibody

Therapeutic antibody has attracted much attention recently. After the completion of the Human Genome Project, association of numerous genes and proteins with disorders has been identified. Along with these results, a novel approach to drug discovery has opened that attempts control of diseases by analyzing these genes and proteins and using the antibodies against the proteins and the gene products. At the same time, the technologies of “Antibody humanization” have been developed to allow administration of antibodies to humans. Developing therapeutic antibody has two advantages; the time needed for the development process before clinical trials is very short, only next to gene therapy, and thus the most advanced theories of therapeutics can be applied. Because of these advantages, many pharmaceutical companies are now engaged in development of therapeutic antibodies.

ID Pharma ’s approach to development of therapeutic antibody is two tiered: On one hand, ID Pharma meets requests and challenges presented by customers of the comprehensive business alliance made with Medical & Biological Laboratories Co., Ltd (MBL). On the other, ID Pharma pursues its own endeavor.

Development of therapeutic antibody has three technological hurdles to clear: efficient production of antibodies that can regulate the functions of the target protein; humanization of antibodies; and manufacture of therapeutic antibodies. Among these, the most important is whether or not intended antibodies useful for a specific disorder can be obtained. ID Pharma ’s Sendai virus vector offers the following solutions to this challenge:

  1. No need to isolate, purify or synthesize target proteins. Instead, antibodies can be produced directly from genetic information (nucleotide sequence). The method that uses plasmids for this purpose has been available for some time but it is a technology patented by an overseas company. ID Pharma ’s technology is a totally new method utilizing the Sendai virus vector and is protected by ID Pharma ’s own patents.
  2. ID Pharma has demonstrated that ID Pharma ’s antibody technology enables efficient production of antibodies to targets such as membrane proteins, which are therapeutically important but difficult to raise antibodies against by other existing methods. The technology is especially useful for obtaining antibodies suitable for use as therapeutics because the method allows efficient production of antibodies that recognize native, three-dimensional structure of the target protein.