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Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicines

Cell therapy and regenerative medicines are another highly-anticipated area of medicinal treatments of the future though further technological improvements are still needed. ID Pharma ’s vector technologies are proving their strength in the following two major areas.

■Stem Cell Therapy

With the goal of realizing the potentials of cell therapy and regenerative medicines as quickly as possible, ID Pharma is developing the technologies required to handle the genes for embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells from various animal sources.

■Dendritic Cell Therapy

Until now dendritic cell therapy using dendritic cells drawn from patients has not demonstrated sufficient power to combat cancer, which, combined with the limited number of cells available, has limited killing activity against cancer cells. ID Pharma ’s two approaches, including usage of ID Pharma ’s SeV vector, have found a means to overcome this serious two issues.